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Fond du Lac Students Benefit from Alumni Mentoring

When you serve as a mentor, you can pass on your knowledge, wisdom and advice to Fond du Lac students as they prepare themselves for life after high school. It also allows you to give back to the school that helped you to get where you are at today. Additionally, it speaks volumes about your character and can help you grow and develop as a leader and professional.

More than the good feeling you get from sharing experience and encouraging someone, there’s also the opportunity to help individuals in gaining access to a wealth of understanding as well as starting points for building relationships. Mentees often go on to do big things, thanks in part to the person who took time to be their mentor. They may even go on to become a mentor themselves—creating a legacy of giving back that spans generations.

5 ways in which mentoring makes an impact

For Fondy’s students, having a mentor brings with it numerous, long-lasting benefits. Let’s take a look at five key ways mentors have an impact on the lives of young people at a critical stage in their lives:

  1. Students gain practical, applicable advice that might not be taught in the classroom, which can be utilized throughout their personal and future professional lives. They’ll enter college or the job force a leg up on pure classroom learners.
  2. Mentorship creates a bond that may benefit everything from professional networking to personal growth—especially at a pivotal time in a high school student’s life. A mentor is a guide for students facing uncertainty in their future and someone on whom they can rely.
  3. Mentees get one-on-one attention that helps them to better understand and retain information, while also connecting that knowledge to classroom lessons. They’ll benefit from more focused learning and a stronger grasp on content.
  4. Students get a better understanding of real-world expectations and applications, direct from someone who has experienced them first hand. This necessary dose of reality will shape their understanding of the world outside the classroom.
  5. Mentorship is free! It affords students access to a crucial resource for development that’s not hidden behind a financial barrier. For students unable to afford tutoring or those disadvantaged by a lack of available programs, mentoring is an incredibly valuable experience.

Would you like to become a mentor?

For mentors, being able to pass along wisdom to a younger generation of Fond du Lac students is a truly gratifying experience. If you’d be interested in this opportunity, we invite you to sign up as a volunteer through Cardinals Nation.

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