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The Benefits of Getting Involved with Fond du Lac High School

For most of us, the world is a relatively linear place from kindergarten to senior year of high school. But after graduation, we tend to go our separate ways, eventually losing track of many of our old friends and classmates. Some of us go to college or trade school, while others enter the armed forces or the workforce. It’s the start of adult life.

Just because high school is the end of your time as a K-12 student doesn’t mean it's something you have to leave behind forever. More than any yearbook, class ring or Facebook group, staying in touch and involved with your alma mater is a great way to keep close ties and make a difference for your former school's current students.

This can be easier for some than others. If you live in or near the same community where you grew up, you can often stay connected by attending class reunions and school events. In fact, this is something you may find yourself doing quite often if your kids attend school at your alma mater.

But even if you’re someone who has moved away from the Fond du Lac community, you can still stay connected in many ways. Perhaps the most notable is Cardinal Nation, Fondy's relatively new community for alumni.

Why should you stay connected?

There are many reasons to stay involved in your high school as an alumni—more than just for nostalgia’s sake. For one, panels, workshops and seminars are all popular with staff and parents. Schools often seek leaders and contributors for these events and frequently find that their alumni make for great resources.

In Fond du Lac, we also like to celebrate our alumni. With Cardinal Nation, we work to profile former students who have gone on to do some impressive things in their professional lives and through volunteering and community service. Others serve as incredibly valuable mentors to our current students.

In addition, reconnecting with former teachers and peers through an alumni network helps you grow your personal and professional circles. There’s no telling what opportunities will come from simply reaching out to those who were important to you in your past.

Your high school days may be behind you, but the opportunities to involve yourself in the future of your alma mater have just begun. If you haven't already, we invite you to join Cardinal Nation and stay tuned to all the great things happening in Fondy.

Thank you again for being such an engaged and positive example of what makes our school community a truly wonderful place.

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